We are passionate about helping injured victims pursue the compensation they deserve. In addition to assisting clients who hire us directly, we gladly accept referrals from other legal professionals. For example, we have accepted cases from:

  • Other Florida lawyers who don’t handle personal injury matters. These lawyers need someone they can trust to help their client, family member, or friend with a claim.
  • Other Florida lawyers who handle some minor personal injury cases but don’t have enough experience or financial resources to take on a more complex matter.
  • Out-of-state lawyers who have clients, friends, or family members who suffered injuries in Florida.

The Florida Bar’s Rules of Professional Conduct allow attorneys to share contingent fees with lawyers licensed to practice in the client’s home state. Florida Bar Opinion 90-8 explains how fee division works in Florida.

Trust In Our Record of Success

Lawyers who refer cases to us do so because of our proven record of success and our stellar service quality. We have years of experience successfully obtaining case settlements and trial awards, and we have a long list of satisfied clients. Our lawyer referrals appreciate our diligence and the individualized attention we give their clients.

If you are a lawyer licensed to practice in Florida, you can serve as co-counsel for the case you’ve referred to us. All referral contracts are in writing, so you always know what to expect following a settlement or trial.

What to Expect as a Referral Partner with James Horne Law PA

We strongly believe in honoring our commitments. Your referred client will be in good hands with our firm. Rest assured, your referral will receive the same level of service we provide to clients who retain us directly.

If you’re a referral partner of James Horne Law PA:  

  • You’ll always receive a phone call or personal note from us letting you know your referral has contacted us and when we are scheduling the consultation;
  • We’ll send a fee agreement to sign as soon as we’re retained;
  • You’ll never worry about receiving a call from your client, friend, or family member to complain about us not returning their call;
  • We’ll provide written status updates at regularly scheduled intervals;
  • Your point of contact at our firm will always remain the same;
  • We’ll mail your fee immediately after disbursing our own fees, usually on the same day;
  • You’ll receive a statement that details actual disbursements for the case; and
  • We’ll never forget you when our friends, clients, and family members need legal services.

We are always available to answer any questions or discuss the specifics of a current or potential fee agreement. If you have a client you’d like to refer to our firm who lives outside of Lakewood Ranch, contact us. We also work with clients in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Parrish.

Contact Us Anytime to Discuss Potential Referrals for Florida Personal Injury Cases

We understand you might not have the experience required to evaluate whether a client, friend, or family can bring a claim for a serious personal injury. We’re here to help. Please contact us to discuss the particulars of a case so we can help you determine what your client’s legal options are and how we can assist them. We truly value the trust other attorneys place in us when referring their own clients, family members, and friends to us following a serious injury accident. Contact James Horne Law PA by phone or email us to discuss your possible referral.