Personal injury lawsuits are complex and challenging to understand. Navigating this specialized area of law without the help of a personal injury attorney in Sarasota could result in unnecessary delays and less compensation than you deserve. If you suffered injuries due to someone else’s negligence, you may have a claim for financial relief. Read on to learn more about personal injury claims and how a personal injury lawyer in Sarasota can help you get justice from the person who caused you harm. 

Common Injuries in Personal Injury Cases 

While injuries may vary in each personal injury case, most Sarasota attorneys commonly see the following injuries: 

  1. Traumatic brain injuries. Traumatic brain injuries or TBI are commonly seen after accidents in personal injury cases. TBIs affect almost every aspect of a victim’s life and cause cognitive impairments, diminished communication skills, and personality changes. 
  2. Neck injuries. Personal injury cases like slip and fall and car accidents often result in neck injuries. These injuries may range in severity from simple to chronic. Painful nerve damage can radiate through the shoulders, arms, and hands and can make simple actions difficult. 
  3. Back injuries. Back injuries are common in work accident cases, especially when a job requires heavy lifting. Automobile, motorcycle, and pedestrian accidents are common causes of this injury. Getting treatment as soon as possible is vital before a back injury becomes chronic. 
  4. Spinal cord injury. This injury is particularly serious as it can cause permanent damage, including paralysis. In many situations, the effects of this injury may not be immediately apparent, amplifying the importance of seeking medical treatment after an accident–whether or not you have symptoms. 
  5. Bone breaks. Car accidents, bike accidents, and slip and fall cases often result in broken bones. While most broken bones heal, the interruption this injury has on your daily life is significant and you deserve compensation. 
  6. Internal bleeding. The sudden impact of vehicle collisions can create a risk of internal bleeding. Immediate treatment is required to avoid organ failure or death. 

A personal injury attorney in Sarasota begins investigating the extent of your injury to calculate the value of your claim. When pursuing a personal injury claim against the responsible party, you must receive the total value of your losses so you and your family can move forward in a positive direction. 

How Much Is My Case Worth? 

A Sarasota personal injury attorney reviews the facts of your case to begin calculating a potential value. Several factors can affect the outcome of your case and how much you can expect to receive in a settlement or judgment. 

Severity of Injuries 

Generally speaking, the more severe your injuries, the greater your losses and potential recoverable compensation. For example, a victim with a broken leg may receive a considerable sum for the interruption to their daily life and the recuperation period. However, most people with broken legs can expect to recover fully. A victim who suffered a spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis can expect more compensation in a settlement based on the fact that their injury is permanent and will significantly impact a victim’s life. 


Your personal injury lawyer in Sarasota calculates the value of your recoverable damages. This calculation provides an accurate estimate of what you can expect to receive. Florida permits injured victims to recover compensatory damages through economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages encompass financial losses like medical expenses, lost wages, and loss of future earnings. Non-economic damages represent intangible losses like pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium. Your attorney will advise you not to consider any settlement offers until you have determined how much you may be entitled to recover in your personal injury lawsuit. 

Comparative Negligence 

Florida follows a modified comparative negligence law that may impact your case’s value. Under modified comparative negligence, a personal injury victim may recover damages only if they are less than 50% at fault for the accident. If victims are determined to be more than 50% at fault, they are barred from recovering any damages. In situations where you are less than 50% at fault, your total recoverable damages are reduced by your percentage of fault. 

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