Florida is the second-most dangerous state for pedestrians. In 2023, over 10,000 pedestrian accidents occurred, leading to 764 fatalities. You face the risk of being hit by a car every time you walk outside, even if you take all necessary precautions. 

Contact James Horne Law if you are hurt after a pedestrian accident with a car. James is a proven Florida pedestrian accident lawyer who can help you hold the driver liable and seek compensation for your injuries.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our experienced accident lawyers in Florida focus on cases involving pedestrians struck by cars, trucks, or motorcycles. We represent clients after any pedestrian accident, but the following cases are some of the most common situations we see.

Crosswalk Accidents

Crosswalks are designated areas for pedestrians to cross the road safely. It’s against the law for a driver to continue through a crosswalk if pedestrians are present. But despite this law, many accidents occur because drivers fail to yield or ignore traffic signals. 

Intersection Collisions

Intersections are high-risk zones for pedestrians, especially when they involve multiple vehicles. These accidents often happen due to running red lights, distracted driving, and not understanding Florida’s right-of-way law. 

Hit-and-Run Incidents

Hit-and-run accidents are some of the most tragic situations we see. Not only can these accidents cause lifelong injury, but they can also leave victims with severe emotional distress when the perpetrator remains unknown. Our legal team is experienced in navigating the complexities of hit-and-run cases and works hard to identify the responsible party. We strive to ensure that victims of hit-and-run incidents receive the compensation they deserve. 

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots are full of blind spots and anxious drivers in a hurry to find parking. Pedestrians in parking lots face unique risks, including collisions with vehicles backing out of parking spaces or drivers speeding around corners. Although most parking lots aren’t public roads, our lawyers can apply Florida law to prove liability and help victims recover from their injuries.

Common Injuries in a Pedestrian Accident

The sad reality is that most victims suffer from injuries after a pedestrian accident. Even a small car traveling at a slow speed can deliver extreme force. 

A Florida pedestrian accident attorney can help you recover compensation for any injury, including:

  • Broken bones, 
  • Facial trauma,
  • Head injuries,
  • Internal bleeding,
  • Muscle sprains,
  • Nerve damage, and
  • Spinal injuries.

You shouldn’t have to manage the life-altering impact of these injuries alone. Our firm will fight for you to hold the driver liable for their actions.

Damages Available After a Pedestrian Accident

You can seek compensation for any damages you experience due to the accident. These can address various issues, such as your financial, physical, and emotional needs.  

Some common damages our clients seek include:

  • Medical expenses, 
  • Lost wages, 
  • Lost future earning potential, 
  • Property damage and 
  • Pain and suffering. 

You may also be able to request punitive damages from the defendant. While rare, punitive damages punish the defendant for their intentional or grossly negligent conduct. 

How James Horne Law Can Help

You have rights after an accident, and our firm can help you get justice for your injuries. We offer tenacious representation and work hard to get the most compensation possible for our clients. 

Investigate the Accident

Our team will examine the incident’s details to build the most robust case possible for you. From gathering witness statements to analyzing traffic camera footage, we leave no stone unturned in determining the factors that led to the accident. Our goal is to clearly understand liability, whether it involves driver negligence, failure to yield, or other contributing factors. We can show how the driver caused the accident and why you deserve compensation.

Handle Insurance Claims

You may need to file a claim with your insurer after an accident, especially if it’s a hit-and-run. Insurers often try to undervalue or deny these claims, but our firm is here to help. We can work with you to build a well-supported claim that fully explains your injuries and monetary needs. 

Take Legal Action

Once we find the liable party, your Florida pedestrian accident lawyer can send a legal demand to pursue a private settlement. In some cases, we will also file a lawsuit with the local court that outlines your claim and explains why the law supports your case. From here, we’ll manage the entire process of your case, including speaking with opposing attorneys and their insurance representatives.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement

We want to get you results as fast as possible. This usually means settling your claim privately with the other side. We will propose a fair offer to the driver’s lawyer and insurance representatives and negotiate to resolve the dispute amicably. However, we will never suggest accepting a settlement offer unless it is your best option.

Represent You in Court

Although most cases end with a settlement, some go before a judge or jury at trial. If this happens, we will make sure the process is as stress-free as possible for you. Your lawyer will craft compelling arguments, submit evidence, and examine witnesses to prove your claim. Our firm may also work with experts to reconstruct your accident and explain the extent of your injuries. 

Schedule a No-Cost Consultation

If you need a Florida pedestrian accident lawyer, trust the professional James Horne Law. We take a hard stance for our clients and never back down from a fight. Our approach has led to many positive outcomes and millions of dollars collected for our clients.

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